A few current personal obsessions!

May 13, 2017


When I like something, I REALLY like it! Here are a few of my current obsessions right now! 


DoTerra Essential Oils


From keeping my kids healthy ( and sane!), to helping with sleep and anxiety, these all natural tiny little products pack quite a punch. They smell great too! A few of my favorites: Bergamot, OnGuard, Balance, Serenity, Breathe, Passion, and Deep Blue. To learn more check out the link below: 





Before you judge for me for this, I have a valid reason. My husband has a history of heart problems in his family so when we got married I researched heart healthy and super foods and try to incorporate those into our diet. Not because I am healthy, but because I want him to outlive me. I've been surprised how easy it is to sneak this whole protein into the kids vegetables and his meals as well. I love to eat it as an alternative to grits for breakfast or on a salad at lunch. My husband's favorite? I had to get creative. I cook fresh vegetables such as onion, green onion, bell pepper, and mushrooms along with fresh chicken or shrimp in a large pan. After the chicken is brown or the shrimp is pink and the vegetables are tender I add cooked quinoa and some low sodium soy sauce. As an added touch I turn up the heat and throw in an egg. Magic! He thinks he is getting Chinese food (but without the fat and MSG).

Marie Kondo

I am not even sure what you would call her- a professional organizer? She has spent her life helping millions of people "tidy" up their homes and lives with her simple "KonMari" method. Her practical advice will change your kitchen, bedroom, and entire house. If you hate clutter you will love Marie! Follower her on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/mariekondo/



My Happy Planner


In elementary and middle school I loved Lisa Frank! The Happy Planner helps keep me organized but lets me also channel my creative, kid like energy while still being an adult. I have 2- I use one as a planner and include the kids milestones, photos, special dates, etc. Get a cheap polaroid and add photos! I reference My Happy Planner sometimes and smile at the memories. A friend told me recently my planner looks more like a scrapbook. I use the other as a prayer journal. I got some Amen washi tape and use that every time a prayer request is answered. These products are fun and girly! Check them out at: http://www.meandmybigideas.com/thehappyplanner/


The way my children smell! 



Go ahead and laugh but I'm sure there are some of you out there that do the same. I prayed for them, carried them in my body for 9 months, have the scars to prove it and I am utterly obsessed and in love with them. So I kiss them, hug them and smell them constantly. My 9 year old asked me recently, "Mama, will you stop smelling me in front of my friends?" Oops! I tell my daughter daily she smells better than Christmas morning. If you haven't smelled your kids recently you are missing out. 




What are you currently obsessed with? Thank you for letting me share a few of mine! 





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