How to engage more followers!

September 17, 2017


Are you struggling to get and keep followers on Instagram? Here a few easy things anyone can do to change that. 


First, post consistently. If you are not posting at least once a day, you are missing your audience. If there are days that you struggle to come up with content- plan ahead. Have a week's worth of posts with captions that way there is no excuse. Trello is a great app for planning out posts in advance.


Next, Hashtags.




While some people hate the word, others don't mind but struggle to come up with hashtags that are effective for what they are trying to accomplish. No matter your opinion, the power of a good hashtag can not be ignored. Before going any further, make sure you do not use any hashtags banned by Instagram or your post may not be seen by others. The easiest way to find out if a hashtag is banned- use the search filter in the Instagram app. If the search result comes up with nothing, Instagram has banned it. Here a few sites for coming up with great hashtags for your content:


Do not buy followers or use a robot to increase your reach on Instagram. While your Instagram followers may grow with services like this, the users aren't real and you will begin to see generic comments. You also run the risk of being shadow banned by Instgram. The best followers are those that have physically clicked on your site and hit follow because they like the content they see. Those will be the users that will have genuine engagement with what you share. 


Engage with others! Take a few minutes each day to like and comment on content you see. Also, use the stories feature to stay in front of your followers even more. Look at stories others share and don't forget to share stories of your own. 




And finally, keep it personal! While people love the outfits, flowers, jewelry, and photography shared on a daily basis- they need to see the face behind that logo! Let your followers know they are supporting a PERSON or a FAMILY and not just a storefront or website. 








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