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September 17, 2018



There is no more wondering or guessing what social media platform is best for your business.  80% of Instagram users follow a business on Instagram. The growing social media site doubled it's advertisers in just 6 months in 2017. If that's not enough- Instagram grew to 800 million active users in 2017, with 500 million active users daily. To add to that number, 300+ million use Instagram Stories daily. 


Instagram rolled out some unique and engaging features in 2017, one of the many reasons why 2018 will be the year of Instagram! We will get more creative in another article about about how to use stories and highlights effectively but read on if you haven't started using either yet. If you have, you may want to skip this post or share with a friend, or scroll to the bottom for some helpful resources.




Many users compared Instagram Stories to Snapchat when it first rolled out. What do you enjoy more? IG Stories or Snapchat? Comment below! A story is a photo or video that stays on your profile for 24 hours. For instructions on how to get started using stories read this link:


Using Instagram Stories


Once you begin using stories use the link above to make sure your stories are ARCHIVED. That way you can begin using the next feature- Highlights. For instructions on how to archive your stories and begin using Highlights follow the link above. 




Instagram Highlights are my favorite feature Instagram has created. They are tiny little images or videos that live at the top of your profile forever, or as long as you leave them there. You can add to, edit, or feature a product/service that will stay at the top of your profile permanently (or until you take it down). Check out the fun I am having with stories below.



With the latest release of of iOS 11, iPhone users now have the ability to record the screen. This is a great element if you'd like to scroll through your website or feature another site. To begin screen recording check to see if you have the iOS 11 update and follow these steps. 


1. Open Control Center

2. Scroll down to More Controls Section

3. Add Screen Recording


Now you're all set! To begin recording simply swipe up and tap on the new circle that's in the menu. There will be a slight delay to you give you time to open up an app or website. These videos are stored conveniently in your Camera Roll. 


To learn more about Stories and Highlights check out some of my favorite articles written by some of the best in the industry!


From Dhariana Lozano 


From Sue B Zimmerman


How-to video and instructions from Instagram 

Additional Instagram Resources:


Free Instagram Stories Highlights for your Business!


How to get users to follow your business on Instagram

Free 2018 Instagram Trends and Predictions Guide from Instagram Expert, Tyler McCall! Click here.









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