Facebook Changes

January 15, 2018


Facebook is making some changes that can potentially hurt small businesses. The social media giant announced Thursday in a post by Mark Zuckerberg the reasoning behind some of the biggest changes Facebook has implemented in the history of the company. 


An additional announcement was made the same day by Adam Mosserri, head of News Feed at Facebook.


Campbell Brown, head of news partnerships at Facebook, emailed this to news and media outlets the same day:




Facebook has made it clear the primary focus and intent for the newsfeed will be for friends and family to interact. What? No more business posts? Not necessarily. For business owners and marketing directors left shaking their heads, here are a few tips. 


1- Do you have an important post or content and want additional exposure? Share it to your personal page from your business page.

I did a test yesterday and it is both disappointing (the results) yet effective at the same time. If you go to my fan page you can see the results. There are 2 posts on Saturday. The first wasn’t shared to a personal page and was seen by 14 people as of Sunday morning. The second post (identical posts) that was shared to my personal page was seen by over 700. 


2- Keep content positive. Mark Zuckerberg stresses “meaningful interactions.” This is important for both businesses and personal Facebook users. If you post negative content it will not be seen, whether you are mad at a family member or complaining about a recent lunch visit at a local restaurant. 


3- Facebook isn’t interested in interactions anymore- the Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry button. Facebook is focused on comments, shares and private messages initiated because of a single post. A Facebook status can have 100 interactions (likes) but without the comments and shares it isn’t going to help exposure online. Encourage your fans to interact with your post by asking an engaging question, posting a poll, or sharing an event.


4- Groups! Facebook has made it  clear groups will not be impacted. Attach a group to your fan page! Depending on your business there are many creative options.  Facebook groups supplement your business and fan page. I have been using groups for a while now and have seen some success and more exposure of my business page. If you are looking for group ideas for your fan page, read this article.


5- Reach your customers and potential customers/clients through other sites such as Twitter and Instagram. Posts aren’t censored based on feelings, emotions, or whether users are a business or an individual. Do not ignore Facebook or brush off the site altogether. But keep in mind stock at Facebook (check out this article) is already dropping and figure out how to reach more people through sites other than Facebook. 



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